Wait, What Just Happened Here?

7/22/2014 12:00 PM PDT, by
Up until now, Lourdes Leon has proven herself to be a lovely, intelligent young woman, despite having Madonna for a mother. But now, there's the slightest chance that she might be kind of a jerk. Could you handle that possibility? You're going to have to, friends, because we're facing it right now.

What Lourdes did is she posted that little message up there to her blog, that thing about attractive girls and hate and running the world or whatever. And yeah, it's a silly little thing that teenagers post on Tumblr, but still, it's not a great message, and it's disappointing that Lourdes would endorse it. It's obviously not good to communicate the idea that women are too concerned about looks to actually make changes in the world, right? That attractiveness is the most important thing to every woman out there.

You can do way better than this, Lourdes. And as much as your mom gets on our nerves, she wouldn't stand for this. Get it together, girl. Stop the madness.
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