Man, and She Was Doing So Well for Awhile

7/22/2014 2:10 PM PDT, by
Paris Hilton
, bless her ridiculous, simple little heart ... that's really it. Surely she means well most of the time, but she's just the silliest human, isn't she? Remember, she is the person who once asked if Walmart sold "like, wall stuff." And guys, in this new interview, she doesn't sound much more intelligent. But she tries, the poor thing. She does try.

On a recent DJ gig:

"I killed it. I feel like DJs are the new rock stars."

Her fame is totally hers:

"We've done over $1.8 billion in sales [on my fragrances]. I have 16 other product lines [including] clothing, sunglasses, shoes, lingerie, swimwear, eyelashes, nails, my own motorcycle team, dog clothes… I have 60 Paris Hilton stores that carry all my products. It's called Paris, not Hilton, just me, because I don't want people to think it's my family's. It's mine."

Seriously, her family did not help:

"People assume because I'm a Hilton that 'her parents gave that to her'. It's annoying because it's so far from the truth."

On friends:

"So many people have bad intentions, so many girls want to hang out [with me] to be someone. I weed those people out of my life. I call them hungry tigers."

This absolute nonsense about astrology:

"We are social butterflies, humanitarians, geniuses: Einstein was one." 

By the way, Paris is an Aquarius, while Einstein was a Pisces. You can't make this stuff up.

But guys, how does she live? How does she even live? Judging by this interview, she says that she is a rock star and a genius. Those are things that Paris Hilton thinks about herself. Again, how does she live?

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