Tallulah Willis is Seriously the Best Willis

7/22/2014 3:15 PM PDT, by
This right here is Tallulah Willis, the youngest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, and, as you can see, she wants us to believe that she's pregnant. You can tell because she posted that photo of her stomach looking pretty pregnant, and she wrote out this caption:

excited to meet my new little friend #happy #newlife #newbeginnings #babyonboard #blessed

And there's also this photo that she posted last week:

And here's the caption she used then:

#20wks #bumpwatch #CatsOuttaTheBag #blessed

So that's it, right? She sure sounds pregnant. Except wait! The thing is that Tallulah kind of seems like a major goof (in the most wonderful of ways). None of her Instagram followers seem to believe her, and she's posted other photos of herself in which she doesn't look quite so bumpy. That, along with the fact that she posts a photo of herself drinking giant cups of coffee nearly everyday (which, spoiler alert, a thing pregnant ladies aren't really supposed to do too much of), and the fact that she got a tattoo along her rib cage last month when she would have been about 16 or 17 weeks pregnant (pain!), kind of makes it seem like she might be fooling with this.

But hey, we need to congratulate Tallulah either way with this. Because either she's going to have a baby, which is so very sweet, or she's just one of the most adorable people out there in this world. Whichever way it goes, we're big fans.

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