Billy Bob Thornton: More Awesome Than You Ever Imagined

7/23/2014 2:15 PM PDT, by

So you probably already knew that Billy Bob Thornton possesses a high level of awesomeness -- after all, you're a human being alive in this world. But, and this is no fault of your own, there's a good chance that you were never fully aware of just how incredible Billy Bob is. And that's because Billy Bob has never done an episode of "Oprah's Master Class" before, and therefore he's never talked extensively about the television show "Cupcake Wars," like he does in that video up there. If he had, you'd know. You'd definitely, definitely know.

But Billy Bob also gets into some deeper subjects, like his Hollywood beginnings: 

And he discusses how humbly he deals with fame and fortune (he lives in the woods and buys girl jeans at the Old Navy, guys): 

He also explains how the death of his younger brother affected him, but maybe don't watch this one until you're able to devote some time to weeping:

Goodness, can you even stand how hard you're loving him right now? Are there even any words to explain all these feelings? I really didn't think so.
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