Quotables: Bindi Irwin's Gonna Be the Voice of a New Generation

7/23/2014 6:15 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
"I remember after we lost Dad, so many adults came up to me and said, 'Honey, time heals all wounds'. That is the biggest lie you will ever hear. It doesn't. ... That kind of sadness never goes away. It's like losing a piece of your heart that you never get back. ... When you lose a loved one, you come to these crossroads. You can take the path that leads you down the aisle of sadness, or you can say, 'I'm never going to let this person's memory die. I'm going to make sure everything they worked for continues'. ... Every day is a new journey for me, and I feel like in my lifetime, I've been blessed to experience such a lot." 

--Bindi Irwin (who's going to be just 16 years old this week) on the passing of her father, Steve Irwin, and how it still impacts her day-to-day life, and honestly: despite the underlying heartbreak of her words since they are -- obviously -- about her late dad, have you heard many 16-year-olds lately who were this grounded, well-versed, or grateful? Oh my goodness, no. And especially not in the spotlight -- not when you have kids that are too busy talking about popping Molly or whatever, or competing to be on Rich Kids of Instagram. 

Bindi Irwin is a rare breed -- pardon the pun -- and we're terribly lucky to have her in any kind of public spotlight, no matter how far removed from traditional "pop culture" she happens to be. 

Side note: That picture up there? Bindi posted it on her IG page to commemorate her mother's birthday, which was last week. The picture is beautiful, but it's the caption that's worth a thousand words:

"Happy birthday to my everything. Mum, you are amazing. You have always been there for me and Robert, and have loved us no matter what. Everyday I think about how blessed I am to have you in my life. You are the most beautiful mother on Earth. I know that Dad is so proud of you and so are we. I love you. Forever." 
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