Look, Demi Lovato Got Cute New Hair (Again) (No, Again Again)!

7/23/2014 3:10 PM PDT, by
Let's just be real for a minute: Demi Lovato is super, super gorgeous. Like, she's painfully pretty. And she says great things, and she's so smart and talented and all that. She's also really experimental with her look, her hair in particular, and while that's great, it really is, it also means that, sooner or later, you're going to run out of ideas. And I think Demi just ran out of ideas.

She's done all the natural hair colors, and she's done a good deal of the unnatural ones. She's played a little with length. She took that big step and shaved off the side there. But then where was she supposed to go from there? Shave the other side? Shave some cool designs or something? She went for layers, y'all. And that's why it looks like she has some kind of edgy futuristic mullet now.

But hey, make no mistake, she still looks great. She's still one of the most beautiful ladies out there, and yes, the hair is pretty cool. But it wouldn't hurt to just chill with the scissors for a minute. It really would not.

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