Farrah Abraham Sets Herself Up to Take it Every Time

7/23/2014 5:30 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Farrah Abraham's career has basically fallen off of the Z-list ever since she slammed the back door to the porn mouth that fed her, and it now sounds like everyone else is pretty fed up with her, too.

As of late, another one of her reality show contemporaries -- a young woman on TLC's "Breaking Amish" who goes by the name of Sabrina (High) Burkholder -- is sick to death (just like the rest of us) for having to repetitiously hear about Farrah's Christian ways, how she's not a porn star, and yeah, she's probably going to make another sex tape one day and maybe even make it OK for her young daughter, Sophia, to do the very same thing

It's all very exhausting, really, but what High said in response to Farrah's recent quip about Jenelle Evans' "ill-timed" pregnancy is at best hilarious, worst ... well, also hilarious: 
That sound you hear, folks? Well, attribute it to any particular bodily orifice you want, but the bottom line is that's the sound of Farrah's "fame" quickly dissipating. It's a gassy sound -- can't wait to see what she puts in pulls out of her arse the next time she tries for relevance. 

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