Lana Del Rey's Sending a Not-So-Great Anti-Feminist Message to Young Folks

7/23/2014 4:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Lana Del Rey
's latest interview with Complex magazine goes to great lengths to glamorize everything Lana is interpreted to stand for, whether it's "old" Hollywood, plastic surgery, the underbelly of celebrity, and of course, sex, but fails miserably -- and the only one who comes out looking worse here is Lana herself. 

In the interview, Lana claims to have slept with "a lot" of guys in the music industry, and referencing one of own tracks, "F--ed My Way to the Top," says, "... You know, I have slept with a lot of guys in the industry, but none of them helped me get my record deals. Which is annoying." 

And OK, Lana, that's fine -- you sleep with whomever you choose, it's none of our business. And even if you want to sleep your way to the top, it's still your body to use in the way that you want to use it. Yours, yours, yours.

... But the true annoying part is the bit where you think it's annoying that nobody gave you record deals in exchange for sex. That's kind of like prostitution, and if you're all right with that, it's your business -- but you can't expect everyone else to be, and you can't expect handouts when there are those who've had to work hard -- standing on their own two feet -- to get where they are today and be "annoyed" when you don't get them. 

Lana's not been one for making much social sense however much she thinks she might, and though it's clear she feels her reasoning is bulletproof, it's full of contradictory holes. 

Take these two quotes in closing, for example. In the earlier part of the interview, this is a thing that's actually said: 

"The good thing about catching so much grief from critics is that you literally do not f--king care." 

And a beat later, this: 

"Because that gold and platinum [record] stuff, it doesn’t mean as much if you’re walking down the street and you can hear people saying things about you. That doesn’t even out." 

So, either you care about criticism, or you don't. Case in point. 

You've got lots of interesting ideas, Lana, and your music really isn't half-bad for being ... well, whatever people perceive it to be. But consider what you say before you say it -- because we know how you change your story again and again when the public doesn't receive too well the things you say. You know it's only going to happen again, and instead of playing the character you think everyone wants you to play, be your damn self ... if you can even remember who she is anymore.  
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