Great, Let's Make More Money Off of Poor, Dead Kurt Cobain

7/24/2014 8:45 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
In a recent interview, Courtney Love decided it's high time to quit sitting on what's probably going to be a multi-million-dollar-making flick and allow -- "allow" -- the Kurt Cobain biopic to be made. Teenagers of the 90s, beware: your hearts are about to get broken all over again. 

Here's what she said, and surprise! It's going to include the people who were actually in Nirvana with her deceased husband, and Courtney herself may not necessarily have full control over what -- or who -- happens in front of the cameras: 

"The biopic should start within the next year or so [and] I won't name names, because I don't want to jinx it for anyone, but these are 25 year olds who are blond, gorgeous and the new Brad Pitts. There's a ton of those. Some are really good actors, not just pretty faces. I don't want to be the person who makes that decision. ... I do have a say in [the creative direction of the film]. So do Frances and Krist [Noveselic] and Dave [Grohl] for that matter, if it touches on Nirvana -- and it will. I am leading the charge because it's time to do this. ... Everyone wants to throw money at this."

Of course they do, Courtney. Of course. Because everything in life revolves around you and your troubled past and "enlightened" future path, and isn't it only beautiful karma that you just might get to have the primary rights to everything Kurt Cobain because of Kurt Cobain's death, too? Isn't a prolific career and a beautiful daughter and notoriety enough? 

All that aside, this could be a pretty interesting project ... though I don't know about you -- growing up in the heyday of Brad Pitt and watching his career evolve, I don't know many 25-year-old actors who are the "next" Brad Pitt, do you? Come on.  
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