Quotables: Please, Please Don't Let Justin Bieber Become the New Robin Thicke

7/24/2014 5:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
"She's beautiful." 

--Justin Bieber's vague and honest -- but quite Robinesque -- answer when it came to answering the question of whether his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, is currently still his friend, to one of the X17 cameramen

Bieber was caught on the streets of Los Angeles, seemingly unprepared to be asked about Selena, and though his answer about her was sweet and abbreviated, the message he had for his fans was a lot longer and definitely more rehearsed: 

"Thank you so much for supporting me through everything. Don't believe in the nonsense. Don't always believe what you hear." 

There you have it, folks -- do we maybe have the very next Robin Thicke on our hands? Is Justin going to write a whole entire album about the on-again, off-again relationship he shares with Selena Gomez? Is he going to start publicly professing his love for Selena in the strangest of places, like red carpet events and, you know, between sets on stage? 

We sure hope not, because now that the Thicke nonsense is over -- and he's given up, don't you know -- we don't need another uncomfortable repeat of having to watch someone -- though it's someone who's definitely still better than Robin Thicke, if we had to choose -- beg in order to "get her back."
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