So This is What It's Come to for Paris Hilton

7/24/2014 2:30 PM PDT, by

Hey, do you remember when Paris Hilton had her own TV show and everybody talked about the things she was doing or funny things she said? "That's hot" and all that business? What a crazy time in our history, right? But it's probably safe to say that that time has passed, along with Paris' general popularity. Which isn't a bad thing, for sure -- a lot of people still care about Paris, and she's still doing her thing and making boatloads of money, and basically opening up all different worlds for herself by virtue of music, merchandise, and entrepreneurialism, and it's all good. Paris has maintained a foothold where other women of the early noughts haven't.

She looks pretty great, and she probably brought in a good amount for this Carl's Jr. commercial, too, despite the fact that her appearance was pretty abbreviated. Truth be told, though, we'd rather see Paris writhing all over that car any old day over the other girl. Something about Paris just screams "longevity," and that's not a joke. 

Keep doing you, girl!

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