Ain't No Party Like a Tori Spelling Pity Party, 'Cause a Tori Spelling Pity Party Don't Stop

7/24/2014 7:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Tori Spelling's marriage reality show might be over, but that doesn't mean she can't keep giving interviews about the same thing all the time, because what else is there, really? 

In the most recent interview, she talked about Dean McDermott and his cheating, and where they stand with their relationship in near-real time. 

As for the rest of the things -- like how the children will inevitably be impacted by the cheating, their damaged relationship, and by virtue, the terrible reality show that exploited the relationship's privacy and children -- Tori says, "I hope to be able to have a very candid conversation with them one day because I hope we will have made it through this and made it out on the other side, and we survived something that was a tough thing." 

Did we not just hear about all this "tell the children you cheated" from LeAnn Rimes' mouth just yesterday? Yes, we did -- but there's a difference: Tori and Dean will not only hopefully talk this through with their children as a couple -- whether they're still together at the time or not -- but they'll hopefully only have to explain that their father stepped out on their biological mother and leave it at that. Hopefully Dean won't have this conversation jointly with "Emily Goodhand" -- or someone in a similar role -- as the kids' stepmother or whoever, possibly leaving Tori right out of it. 

Get a foothold while you can, Tori ... the truth-telling moments are nearing, and you wanna be around for this. 

Man. Sticking up for Tori and Dean over LeAnn and Eddie ... it's like rolling around in explosive fertilizer, jumping into the figurative frying pan and searing yourself up good, then finally throwing yourself into the fire. 

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