Here's Why It's OK to Be Upset Over Peaches Geldof's Death

7/25/2014 3:30 PM PDT, by
Peaches Geldof
passed away a few months ago, and this week we learned that the official cause of death was a heroin overdose. Peaches was found in her home with heroin and syringes and the like, oh, and also her 11 month old son. She was alone with the baby for the weekend, and that's when she not only did heroin, but enough heroin to kill her. When she was responsible for her child. This is what we call a rough, rough situation.

It's especially rough, obviously, for Peaches' family. For instance, her older sister, Fifi Geldof, has been saying things like this on Instagram:

Don't keep calm and f--k this. F--k that. F--k you. F--k off. Sums it up nicely about how I’m feeling about the viciousness today. Maybe now she’ll be allowed to RIP.

And this, in response to someone who called Peaches "selfish":

You’ve no idea what you’re talking about quite frankly. Yet another who has bought into the bulls---. I'd appreciate you getting the f--k off my page with stuff like that on today of all days.

But here's the thing: what Peaches did was selfish. She was an addict, of course, and addiction is a disease, but being selfish means thinking of yourself above others, and that's what happened. It doesn't make this any less tragic: in fact, it makes it even sadder that, despite being with her baby -- and despite the fact that Peaches' own mother died of a heroin overdose -- she couldn't overcome this. And it isn't vicious to say all this, it's just the truth.

It's understandable that Fifi feels the need to defend the memory of her sister, but right now, that little baby all alone in a house with his dead mother for nearly 24 hours is a pretty huge part of that memory. It's natural for people to be upset by that, just like it's natural for Fifi to lash out like this. It's just a great big mess in all kinds of ways.

Let's just try to have a little compassion today, all right? Just for fun? Compassion for Peaches, for Peaches' family, and for just everyone.
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