Quotables: Did Kris Jenner Just Get Real for the First Time Ever?

7/26/2014 9:00 AM PDT, by
"I want to fix Rob and sometimes you just can't. I have not NOT cried myself to sleep in so long that I don't even know what that's like. It's the worst feeling in the world when one of your kids isn't in a good place."

--Kris Jenner cries about Rob Kardashian in the latest episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," is actually a sweetheart, needs a hug in the worst way. This sadness took place during the family vacation to Thailand too, so you know Kris has been really worrying about Rob if she's been thinking about him in all that paradise. Poor thing.

Hey, how about we do something wild and crazy and do a bonus quote here? Because we need to talk about what Kim Kardashian said about the situation when Khloe, too, was upset about Rob:

"She gets anxiety with the whole Rob situation when she is away. She kinda wants to go home. It's so bizarre. I just get so frustrated ... I just don't see what the point is. She doesn't need to help everyone."

Now see, this just got even sadder, didn't it? Now it's just a whole big mess of sadness and worry and self centeredness. What a vacation, huh?

But hey, can someone seriously give that hug to Kris now?

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