Uh Oh, DJ Tanner Got Hot!

7/28/2014 3:00 PM PDT, by
This lovely lady, if you can even believe your eyes, is Candace Cameron Bure, formerly DJ Tanner of "Full House," being super hot on the beach. And, lucky for us, Candace is one of those ladies who manages to be super hot and super adorable at the same time, so we have a variety of pleasing aesthetics going on here. It's basically Christmas come early over here, guys. Christmas with some weird 90s sit com/beach theme. We'll take it!

Another wonderful thing, as you can also see, is that Candace managed to look so great without wearing just about a square inch of fabric. She's not wearing a few flimsy triangles connected with dental floss, she's actually wearing a really cute swimsuit, and does that not just add to this very special cute-hot hybrid here? Why, of course it does, friends. Of-freaking-course it does.

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