Justin Bieber Can Be Adorable: Who Knew?!

7/28/2014 12:30 PM PDT, by
Oh, guys, you're going to need to get your tears and your "Justin Bieber is OK sometimes" faces ready for this one, because it's a doozy. See, there's this little girl named Grace, and she received a wish from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Her wish was to be a celebrity, so she went to L.A., got photographed, signed some autographs, worked with a stylist and a makeup artist, and she attended the Young Hollywood Awards last night. She was photographed with celebrities like Cody Simpson, Ansel ElgortColbie Caillat, and she got to sit at Justin Bieber's table. Lovely, right? But Justin took it up a notch.

Justin received a "Champ for Charity" award, and you know what he did? He brought Grace up on stage with him, and he presented her with the award instead. He let her keep it, too, and then he said all these sweet, precious things about it on Twitter:

Grace ur incredible

This is what I live for

Follow my girl @celebritygrace on Instagram. That is one of her wishes! Love you Grace :)

Great night. Happy for Grace

He's not all bad, guys. He actually has quite a bit of wonderfulness in him. Now only if he could pull up his pants and stop throwing eggs, he might really be onto something!

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