Stars Without Makeup: LeAnn Rimes Can't Do ANYTHING Right

7/28/2014 10:00 AM PDT, by
This reasonably lovely little image here is LeAnn Rimes without makeup: cute, right? Despite any annoyance that she may bring you, you have to admit that she possesses the ability to look nice. But one thing she doesn't possess, friends, one very, very important thing, is the ability to be anything other than ridiculous. Because this isn't just some random no makeup selfie that she shared that we decided to make a big deal out of, no. This is a very specific photo of LeAnn without makeup that she made quite a big deal about:

Strip away your fears and go naked #RFGoNaked 4 every make up free selfie R+F donates $1 to education #nofilter  

That's what she said about this photo, guys, that she went without makeup for charity. That she was so selfless that she took a photo of her "naked" face to do some good. Except it's time to say that one thing that we are all thinking, which is that of course LeAnn has makeup on here. Does she honestly think that she's fooling anyone with this? Does she think that we'll all just go "huh, her lips are so naturally red and glossy"? And, most importantly, is she really so vain that she can't even do this tiny, tiny thing for charity?

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