Somebody Needs to Explain What's Happening to Kim's Face in These Pics, 'Cause We Don't Know

7/28/2014 1:00 PM PDT, by
Well, you are in for such an incredible treat today, because Kim Kardashian posted this photo of many photos of her face, and you know why? Do you know what reason Kim had for posting this lovely little compilation? It's so you could see her vast variety of facial expressions. Or, as she captioned this, "the many moods of me!"

It's OK if you need to take a moment to get the giggles out.

Someone needs to tell poor Kim that looking off in different directions does not constitute changes in mood, because she is quite literally making the same expression in every single one of these pictures. Or, well, her lips are parted in the middle left photo, and they're slightly pursed in the middle right one, but mostly she just looks somewhere else and then calls it a day. It's a little awkward, but a lot hilarious.

Guys, do you think she's being funny on purpose, that she's in on the joke with this one? Or so you think she's honestly trying to be expressive and this is as far as she got? Either way, bless her heart. Bless her poor, simple little heart.

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