Never Before Has a 13-Year-Old Needed Such a Reality Check

7/28/2014 11:15 AM PDT, by
Friends, it's that very special time again: time to check in on the super weird ramblings of wacky Willow Smith! Because, like a lot of us, little Willow went to see "Lucy" over the weekend, that Scarlett Johansson movie about using your brain's full potential so you can do magic and kill people or whatever. But unlike a lot of us, Willow left the movie theater with some real deep thoughts: It's kind of sweet that Willow thinks so deeply about summer action flicks, isn't it? But you know what isn't so sweet? Someone who also saw "Lucy" on Friday: Surely that's just a coincidence though, right? After all, a whole lot of people saw that movie that same day. Certainly this creeper wouldn't have accompanied Willow on her life-changing movie experience. Please.
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