Farrah Abraham is Taking Her Lingerie Talents Crosscountry

7/29/2014 11:30 AM PDT, by
This picture you see right here, this image of Farrah Abraham sitting on a big chair with a big, self-satisfied expression on your face, it's bound to put a whole lot of fear in your heart. And that's because, in addition to the silly face, the photo also announces that Farrah is going on something called the Bad B---- Tour. You might be wondering what a "bad b---- tour" is and what it entails, and the answer is this, according to Farrah:

Who's bad #badb----tour #djset  #lingerie #coming-soon want me in your city ;) 

What's going to happen is Farrah is going to be traveling across the country, doing something called a lingerie DJ set. That's sweet, right? It's nice that Farrah is able to use some of her natural talents -- wearing lingerie and being in public, for example -- to make up jobs for herself. It's actually so impressive that she was able to sit down and say to herself "Huh, I have the ability to be transported to different areas and also to put on racy garments, and I can make this into a career move!" That shows some smarts, friends. A whole big buttload of smarts.

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