But Will You Love Lady Gaga Again If She Does Jazz?!

7/29/2014 2:00 PM PDT, by
Lady Gaga
, bless her heart, it seems like she's been struggling a little bit lately, hasn't it? Her album sales for "Artpop" weren't exactly what the world thought they would be, and a whole lot of people seem to be tiring of her in general. It's just not that neat anymore to watch her be wacky and weird, and her songs are annoying and overwrought where they used to be kind of catchy and fun. So what's her solution? Drop everything and become a jazz singer!

Just kidding, sadly she isn't dropping everything, but she is doing the jazz thing! She's been collaborating with Tony Bennett quite a bit lately -- note that ultra ridiculous photo above -- and today they announced that they're doing an album together of jazz standards. It's called "Cheek to Cheek," and please just buy it. Buy it, buy multiple copies of it, and worship her again. She needs this, y'all. She needs it bad.

The good news is that this album is bound to be way better than any of her other albums ever could be. The bad news is that she still won't just go away. You win some, you lose some, you know? Them's the breaks.

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