Lady Gaga's New Music is Not Great, Let's Be Honest

7/30/2014 3:00 PM PDT

Right here before you is something very, very special: it's a music video of Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett's cover of "Anything Goes." This is that new jazz thing that Lady Gaga is trying out, remember, because pop isn't treating her so kindly anymore? It's kind of amazing, huh? Well, it's amazing because of Tony Bennett, and it's amazing because this sounds like the exact thing that Lady Gaga needs to be doing at this point in her career. The only thing that's not so amazing is Lady Gaga's actual voice singing this fairly simple-sounding song. 

No, no, look, it's not mean. It really is not. Lady Gaga has a beautiful voice, one of the best in pop music these days. She's had a lot of training, and she's done jazz before. This should be phenomenal, but ... it's just not. Something sounds off about her voice here, doesn't it? Maybe she was having an off night -- and to be fair, an off night for her is better than many people's best night -- or maybe it's the little bit of desperation peeking through her voice. But if we're being honest, this just isn't as awesome as it should be.

Try again though, OK, guys? Surely it'll work out. Surely.

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