We're Over It, Miley -- We Just Don't Care Anymore, OK?

7/30/2014 6:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
We've seen it all, Miley -- almost quite literally, all of it, and you know what? We don't care about your tongue, your tatas, or your tiny bodysuits that scream "yeast infection!" anymore, because this: despite your many musical talents, you've become a novelty, girl. A novelty. And surprise! The novelty for nearly everybody has worn off just. like. that. 

This is one of Miley Cyrus' most recent social media forays, all of which include either tongues, dogs, teaser nudity, or, you know, tongues, and it only proves one thing: Miley's probably never coming back from this. There are going to be no more classy, almost somber backyard recordings of already-great songs, limited red carpet appearances for any events of real importance, and displays of significantly juvenile behavior probably for the next decade (unless she decides to pull a Madonna and make a lifelong career out of it -- and why not? Miley hasn't had an original thought in her head for over a year at this point, it seems). 

So much time, so much wasted talent to lament.
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