Farrah Abraham is Never Coming Back From This (Not Like There Was a Chance Before)

7/31/2014 7:15 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
You know who's just such an awful person that they'd go ahead and exploit the death of a family member for some fame and some sympathy and some more, you know, fame? Farrah Abraham. Of course she is. We totally figured she'd do basically anything at all for attention, but this is where it gets utterly horrifying and lurid: Farrah went as far as to take an actual photo of her dead grandfather -- who passed away last week -- and then posted it on Twitter.

Let's try this again: she took a picture of a dead man in his casket -- sad, embalmed, and with the obligatory disturbing pancake makeup -- and then shared it with her nearly 1 million followers, thinking it would somehow be an appropriate tribute. 

This is what she said about the pic (which you won't see on Fishwrapper, because even we have our limits):
Farrah Abraham, you're a repugnant, awful, self-serving human being. We always try to see the best in people, and even if they're mostly consumed by the terrible things that they might do or say, we feel that there's just got to be a redeeming quality in there somewhere. ... Unfortunately for you, we just don't think there is, and there likely won't ever be. 

... Why would anybody ever take a picture at a wake? Moreover, why would anyone ever think it's necessary to share a photo of their deceased grandfather on social media? Morbid and tacky don't even put a dent in what this is -- this is just abominable.
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