Now THIS is a Great "Stars Without Makeup" Pic

7/31/2014 5:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
This is Soledad O'Brien, 47, and Hoda Kotb, 49, and this is their no-makeup selfie ... and it's just about the greatest no-makeup selfie we've seen all year long. Literally, from the first of January 2014 to today, this is the one -- the very best and most fun of all. 

It's not that the ladies look natural, or that they don't seem to have made their faces malleable through a series of polycarbonate modifications, it's that they look happy and comfortable in their own skin, no matter what they look like on -- or off -- camera.  

It's cool, guys. You win. We bow down to the supreme awesomeness that is your loveliness and self-confidence.  
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