Quotables: Pregnancy Must Have Been Really, Really Tough for J Woww

7/31/2014 4:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Jenni "J Woww" Farley has almost quite literally just birthed her first baby, Meilani, but already the couple is talking about their second child. However, before you get too excited over the prospect of seeing J Woww in all of her maternal glory again, back it off a second: Jenni and her betrothed, Roger Mathews, are considering adoption this time around, and it could just be due to the idea that J Woww "looked" like something out of a horror movie during childbirth ... this, according to Roger, anyway. How rude

During a recent interview, J Woww quipped that she looked possessed, saying, "He said I looked like 'The Exorcist'." Roger quickly jumped in and threw around the idea of adoption to smooth things over -- and not another biological pregnancy. Roger said, "We've considered adoption. Even before Meilani arrived, we've always said that we'd have two." 

And there you have it, folks. We can't begrudge J Woww for maybe not wanting to go through all that again, because if you've ever been pregnant, or ever have been around a lot of pregnant women, or heck, even was a fetus yourself, you might know how difficult gestation and birthing can be. Lots of babies and children need adoption, and it's a noble and wonderful thing. We're not here to judge Jenni for her decisions, but Roger? Pssh, boy ... you want to get back in the bed anytime soon, you better be laying off this "Exorcist" BS.

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