Updated: Miley Cyrus Just Took Inappropriate To a Whole Different Level

7/31/2014 9:15 AM PDT, by
Look, we've all been kind of bored by Miley Cyrus and her constant stream of nude-ish selfies and tongue-themed nonsense lately. It's getting old and sad, and that's just the truth. And Miley's probably picked up on that by now -- after all, it's been a year since she twerked her way into our hearts at the MTV VMAs, and she hasn't done anything even close to that level since. But this thing she just did, this gross, inappropriate mess she made on Instagram, it's not the way to go about getting attention again.

All right, let's back up. Miley posted this photo to her page:

Aww, looks like Miley shared a cute picture of her little sister, right? That's sweet. But then she wrote out this caption:

my beautiful sister #tigolbitties #wukong #sugatits #sugabear 

Miley, NO. Oh dear god, no. This is creepy and weird and awful and most certainly NOT something that you say about your "beautiful sister." You crossed a line, and you crossed it hard, and no amount of cute dog pictures is going to fix it. If you could just spend less time coming up with new ways to be absolutely ridiculous and spend more time coming up with new ways to act like an actual human being, maybe then this kind of atrocities wouldn't happen. Think about it.

Update: Lots of folks are saying that this photo is actually of Miley's younger brother, Braison, in "drag," but dunno, guys ... what do you think? Besides, you know, the fact that it doesn't make the hashtags on this photo any less creepy? 

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