Can Someone Remind Kylie Jenner That She's 16?

8/1/2014 2:00 PM PDT, by
So you know that thing that Kylie Jenner does where she tries to act like she's so mature and wise and sophisticated even though she's 16 and silly? Of course you know that thing, that's basically her whole entire life. Well, she's done it again, y'all. She posted that selfie earlier, with this super thoughtful caption:


What is she now, some jaded middle aged woman who's given up on love? No, no, just a dumb ol' teenager. Speaking of being a teenager, Kylie shouldn't even be dealing with many men -- unless she's talking about family members or something like that, this just went from ridiculous to ridiculous and creepy.

How about we tone it down a little bit, huh, Kylie? Just a little bit? That also means stop taking selfies of your suspiciously inflated lips:

Really, just go play outside or something.

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