Why We Need to Just Be Finished With This "Fat" Lady Gaga Business Already

8/4/2014 9:15 AM PDT, by
This -- I don't even know how to say it, this gloriousness -- is what Lady Gaga looks like in a swimsuit these days. Which is to say, Lady Gaga looks SUPER SUPER HOT in a swimsuit these days. Who knew she had those curves in the back?! Not I, friends. For I was too distracted by her supreme obnoxiousness.

Here's a bonus photo of Gaga hanging by the pool in some short shorts:

So does anyone want to talk about how "fat" and "unattractive" she is now? Because man, if you did, you'd be the biggest liar in the whole wide world. For all of Lady Gaga's nonsense, for all her idiotic fashion and stupid music and annoying tendencies, she's pretty darn gorgeous. And that is just the truth.

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