The Duggars Just Keep Getting Worse And Worse, Huh?

8/5/2014 12:45 PM PDT, by
This nightmare of a photo right here, if you can pick your jaw up and straighten your certainly frazzled mind out long enough to comprehend this, is a photo of Josh Duggar, the oldest Duggar child, with his family and a soldier. Nice, right? It's a sweet little family photo. That is, until you realize that a little baby and a small child have their hands on a huge gun in this photo. Which, by the way, that realization happens pretty much instantly.

It's just ... there are so many things wrong with this photo. It's fine if Josh here wants to check out this gun, but you know who has no business holding a gun? A baby. You know who doesn't have any idea about gun safety? A baby. And hey, do you know the number one thing that a person doesn't need to be holding while also holding an assault rifle? A BABY.

So this is it for the Duggars, right? They can't possibly get any worse than this? Let's hope so, because we sure don't need to see them get any scarier. 
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