Best Britney's Ever Looked, Hands Down

8/7/2014 4:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Aww, guys, look! It's Britney Spears, one of our very favorite ladies in entertainment, and she went and did a photo shoot with the extraordinarily talented Jeff Lipsky ... yet it doesn't look like this photo's gone through any kind of digital editing whatsoever. Translation? It's extremely likely that this is what Britney Spears looks like au natural -- without the aid of any Photoshop or anything -- and isn't it pretty amazing and generally inspiring? 

Considering what Britney's been through over the last decade, it's a feat to even see that light in her eyes again, let alone watch it transform the rest of her life and her body and everything else that has anything at all to do with Britney. 

Looking good, girl -- this is the best Britney yet!
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