Kristen Stewart is Smart/Cute, and It's Just Time to Accept It

8/7/2014 10:30 AM PDT, by
Look, guys, I know it's fun to have a giggle every now and then over Kristen Stewart. I get it. She's made some questionable choices, and she can sometimes give that vibe of taking herself way too seriously, which is always good for a laugh. But really, deep down, way beyond that pretty face of hers and into that brain, she's a smart lady capable of some deep conversation and some interesting thoughts. And it might hurt to admit it, but it's time, OK? It's time.

On not wanting to be a bag of chips:

“Never at any point have I sat down and plotted how I should proceed from here on. As soon as you start thinking about your career as a trajectory—like, as if you’re going to miss out on some wave or momentum—then you’re never doing anything for yourself anyway. Then you’re truly, actually, specifically working for the public. You’re turning yourself into a bag of chips.”

On smiling vs. not smiling:

“Now I feel like if I smiled for a paparazzi photo—not that I ever would—that’s exactly what people would be desecrating me for. They’d be like, ‘now you’re going to give it up, now you’re a sellout.’ like, okay. What do you want? What would you like?”

On becoming famous:

“The day the movie came out there was a picture of me—in the New York Post, I think. I was sitting on my front porch, smoking a pipe with my ex-boyfriend and dog. And I was like, Oh s---, well, I have to be aware of that.”

See? Kristen knows what's up. She's not just out there bopping around with a ton of broodiness and no self awareness like you might think. No, Kristen knows. She knows.

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