"Vanity" Doesn't Even Begin to Describe It Anymore

8/7/2014 11:00 AM PDT, by
OK, let's kick this off on a positive note: Lady Gaga has this very special way of exceeding your expectations. That's nice, right? For example, when you expect that Lady Gaga has reached maximum ridiculousness, that she couldn't possibly get any worse, she exceeds those expectations every single time. Get it? She's a go getter, guys. And that's ... well, that's a quality.

Just yesterday, we discussed Lady Gaga's impressive show of vanity as she chased down a truck so that she could look at herself in one of the mirrors. "All right," we thought to ourselves at the time, "surely this is it for a while. Surely it will be at least a week or so until she does something else to remind us how painfully in love Lady Gaga is with Lady Gaga." But it just didn't happen. It didn't happen because of this ... this hospital selfie.

Lady Gaga did a show in Denver, and she got altitude sickness, which is fine. It happens. She had to wear an oxygen mask for a bit to remedy this, which, of course, is also fine. But you know what's not fine? That Lady Gaga, even while in the hospital, felt the need to take a picture of herself so that hopefully strangers on the internet would like it. Because why worry about your health when you could rack up them likes?

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