Kristen Stewart Doesn't Need to Prove Herself Anymore

8/9/2014 1:45 PM PDT, by Sarah Taylor

Here she is, guys: the very actress that lots of you have been saying can't act, is useless, and basically all the things that could be wrong with Hollywood today, and sorry, but the only accurate about any of that is that y'all who've been claiming that are wrong.

Here's the  trailer for Kristen Stewart's new movie -- "Camp X-Ray" -- and if this little trailer is any indication, it's apparent that Kristen can act circles around most of her contemporary "actresses" in Hollywood nowadays, and does it without much unnecessary publicity and/or fanfare. 

... Hear that sound, guys? It's the sound Kristen Stewart's career trajectory is making as it blasts off into the ionosphere. Look out. 

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