Did Kylie Jenner Get Uncomfortable-Looking New Lips for Her Sweet 17?

8/11/2014 7:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Guess who turned 17 years old yesterday! No, don't bother guessing -- it was Kylie Jenner! Kylie Jenner's a whole year closer to being legally able to do most of whatever the hell she wants (she still won't be able to consume or purchase alcohol in the United States legally, nor will she be able to run for President, but the hard things like tattooing and whatever else you have to be 18+ to do will be out of the way). 

In the above photo, Kylie talks about heading to last night's Teen Choice Awards, but the only thing we can focus on is her lips. Her lips, guys. It doesn't appear that she's got a whole lot of anything on them except maybe for some balm or some light gloss -- or maybe just a matte nude -- but what she does have a whole lot of going-on-ness is fullness. Those things are super full, and wow ... what a difference from just a few short years ago, huh? 

Happy birthday, Kylie -- we hope you enjoy your celebrations, and all your gifts, too. All of them. 

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