But Really, You OK, Selena Gomez?

8/11/2014 11:30 AM PDT, by

So this is Selena Gomez last night at the Teen Choice Awards, winning the Ultimate Choice Award, and if we're being totally honest, it's super awkward. It's sweet, for sure, and she says some nice things, but it's also just incredibly awkward. Because you know how it's seemed like Selena has been going through a rough time this year, what with rehab and Justin Bieber and all that? She addressed that in her speech. And bless her emotional little heart, but it just gets weird.

Maybe just take a little break, Selena. Maybe take some more time to remember what's important, maybe hang out with that awesome mother of yours, whatever you want, but perhaps it's time for some more relaxation and healing and less of whatever caused this anxious emotional tenseness. Think about it.

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