Here's Jennifer Lopez's Butt, if We Have Some Spare "Care"

8/13/2014 8:30 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Guys, don't get me wrong: that up there is one fine specimen of classic Jennifer Lopez backside, but pardon me if I just can't rouse myself from the Robin Williams death fugue that's been an all-encompassing thing for the last few days. 

Personally speaking, never before has a celebrity death touched me so intimately, and it's hard to put the editorial pieces back together despite the fact that there's no personal connection with Robin or his family. When something like this happens, it leaves a mark on certain people, and while some can't understand the resonating sadness that just surrounds this whole event, and how it permeates through everything, others might, and those are the ones I implore to continue understanding. 

Things will get back to normal -- lives will continue, and it'll be business as usual after awhile. Robin's family will begin the healing process, and the fans he left behind will start to remember other things of importance -- or in J Lo's case here, "importance" -- but in the meantime, it's OK for things to be weird and to seem unimportant. 

Jennifer, no offense or anything, because we love you dearly and also, that ass, but an ass is an ass, after all, and a poor substitute for anything "butt" something of importance these days. 

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