Don't Listen to Stupid Rumors: Robin Williams Was Likely Not Suffering Money Problems

8/13/2014 5:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Don't buy the hype? Charles Biederman, one of Robin Williams' entertainment representatives, made a statement to the media last night saying that despite vicious rumors to the contrary, Robin Williams was likely not in the dire financial straits that some say he was leading up to his death. 

About the alleged money troubles, Biederman says, "No, no. He was doing fine." An unnamed source attributed to the New York Times sources says, "He didn’t have crazy money like before his divorces, but the coffers were still full." Even a close friend of Robin's, Stanley Wilson, stated, "He was not broke. He got highly paid for [recent TV series, "The Crazy Ones"], and he just did two movies.”

There you have it -- are money issues officially ruled out? Well, as we can't presume to know the many facets of Robin's personal life, no; nothing can be official. But can we stop driving ourselves and others crazy over things that we likely won't be privy to, anyway?

Moreover, why do we feel the need to horror-monger and speculate about things surrounding the decision that led Robin to end his life? Is it a morbid fascination? Probably. A struggle with our own demons and sense of mortality? Likely. And while most of us -- myself included -- will always wonder what was going through poor Robin's mind when he decided to make his final decision, here's the thing: we are never going to know. Unless a note existed -- and sources are disputing that theory, saying that no such thing exists -- we won't ever have the honest-to-God truth. And like the rest of the millions who mourn him, we'll have to make peace with that which is unknown.

Sometimes things just aren't our business. Sometimes it's impossible to wrap our heads around something as tragic as the suicide of a man who was so beloved, so intelligent, so loving, and so kind, but often times there are things we just aren't meant to know. To assume otherwise, when there likely won't be any proof to support plausible theories, is presumptuous and only taints the memory of a man who was apparently extremely troubled enough as it were. 

Don't let something as base as any of that ruin the legacy of a man who had so much love and light to give.
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