8/15/2014 12:40 PM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
In what's got to be the best alleged coupling of the year, rumor has it that Jennifer Lawrence (!) and Chris Martin (!) are dating. Dating, guys. The guy who used to be married to -- oh, right, sorry; is still married to -- Gwyneth Paltrow is reportedly embarking on a brand-new relationship with your favorite girl next door, Jennifer Lawrence. Get ready to be excited about the relationship you didn't even know you most wanted to happen. 

According to sources of E!'s, the two are "seeing each other," and have been seeing each other since at least June. Weeks, this has purportedly been going on. Weeks. Let that sink in for a minute. 

Really, this is just unbelievable. This is the best no-brainer relationship that nobody's ever even thought of. Don't you just hope they stick it out and get married (once, you know, Chris's divorce is final) and then have zillions of babies who make tons of award-winning music and movies, too?!

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