Aww, Look Who Just Got An Insufferable New Look!

8/16/2014 7:00 AM PDT, by
Sorry for this, guys, sorry forever, but Lady Gaga found a brand new way to be ridiculous/get attention, and it's pretty much our duty to discuss it. See, for the past few days, she's been trying out this new thing where she wears black lipstick and a variety of things on her face and takes these super moody selfies. You see it right up there, and here:

And here's one more, just for good measure.

Guys ... she's calling it "artpunk." Get it, like "artpop," only different? Because artpop just wasn't edgy enough for her. Maybe this new thing will make you love her again. Maybe this is what will get your attention. Please. Please let her get your attention.

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