Demi Moore's Behavior Often Hedges on Inappropriate, But Come On

8/17/2014 8:30 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
See that cake up there (yes, it is a cake; I know)? It's the cake that Demi Moore had made for her 26-year-old daughter, Rumer Willis', birthday. A cake shaped like a gun, because shooting your mouth off or eating the gun or just general violence and no puns at all is the best example to set for everyone seeing this photo. 

Rumer shared the photo on her IG page, saying, "Best birthday cake ever. Thank you mama .." 

Yours truly has made no bones in the past about being a non-fan of things that can shoot things faster than the speed of light (?) and are intended to maim or kill another thing. And this gun cake, guys, no lie: it just rubs all the wrong places, sorry.

What's next, a cake with a can of mace on it? A snapped-in-half baseball bat? Brass knuckles? How about a shank made out of a Bic pen?Or oh, hey -- what about some of those super sharp and dangerous Chinese stars? If we're gonna glorify violence with confectionary goods, why stop at mere handguns?

Don't know how sick you are of things and people and whatever and whoever else making light of weaponry, but one thing is certain: this girl has definitely had her fill for awhile. 

"Bang bang" indeed, Demi.  
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