LeAnn Rimes Just Can't Help Being Awful

8/19/2014 6:00 AM PDT, by

All right, so LeAnn Rimes did that ice bucket challenge to raise money for ALS, and that's great, it really is. She donated money, she did the thing, she was a good sport, good for her. It was probably, like all things that LeAnn does, ultimately for attention, but still, the results were the same, and that's commendable. But you know what the annoying thing is about this video? It's that doing the challenge itself wasn't enough for her, and screaming like a banshee and bouncing around in a soaking wet tank top wasn't enough for her, but that she had to involve Brandi Glanville's children, too.

It's just irritating, that's what it is. Because you know that LeAnn would throw a fit if Brandi had done the same thing, she would have hollered all over Twitter and all around town about how they need to "protect the children from the public" and all that. But the second that LeAnn thinks that she can get some people to like her, she'll pull those kids in to the frame in a heartbeat. And that's sad.

So basically, good on you, girl, but come on. Come on. Your boobs would have gotten enough attention all on their own.

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