Michael Brown Killing -- Shame On the Media ... Surveillance Video is Relevant

8/19/2014 10:55 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
The media could not be more irresponsible -- ignoring the OBVIOUS relevance of the Michael Brown surveillance video shot just minutes before he was shot and killed.

There's been an unspoken rule/fear among reporters to let the cards fall where they may. It's very possible ... even likely the cop used excessive, unnecessary force in the confrontation, but there's also evidence to support the officer's position ... namely the surveillance video.

It's pretty clear ... Michael Brown committed a robbery before he ran into the officer ... and on his way out of the convenience store he was aggressive with the clerk. When he encountered the officer, he had to be thinking he could be in trouble. True enough ... the cop didn't know about the robbery, but that doesn't mean Brown didn't think the officer knew.

The cop claims Brown was combative. Witnesses disagree. But the surveillance video shows he was combative minutes before the confrontation with the cops, and that's relevant in deciding who is telling the truth and who's lying.  

No one in the media will dare say the video is anything but a smear campaign against Brown.

The video doesn't justify what the cop did ... but how can anyone say it's not relevant -- a piece of the puzzle in determining the truth?

The case is sad on so many levels ... including the way the media reports stories.
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