There's a Little Bit of Guilt We All Share in Robin Williams' Death

8/20/2014 6:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Robin Williams' death has evoked a range of emotions, from grief to love. But the one emotion none of us is talking about is guilt.

TMZ has reported Robin was hit hard by the cancellation of his show, "The Crazy Ones." He viewed it as a "personal failure" because everything rode on his back.

When Williams died, the outpouring of love was enormous and immediate -- people were talking about Robin as the genius of entertainment who was unequaled.
Fact is ... Robin had a hard time in the last 5 years. The roles dried up because of his age -- something he complained about. And the biggest fact: people didn't support his show. Maybe it wasn't good enough or we had other things to do when it was on, but it wasn't supported. And that hurt him.

Fact is ... everyone's life is marked by highs and lows. When we deify people who die and create false images of unqualified success, it does no one any good. By deifying Robin Williams, we created the guilt in ourselves for not supporting his last big project.

Fact is ... he was a genius with many successes and failures -- a great human being. It's OK that we didn't support every single one of his projects. His batting average gets him in the Hall of Fame ... and isn't that good enough?

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