Stars Without Makeup: Don't Look Now, But Somebody Got GORGEOUS!

8/21/2014 11:00 AM PDT, by
Now, look Kesha has always been a beautiful, beautiful woman, but we have to admit that in the past, that definitely hasn't been one of her key features. A few years ago, when you thought of Kesha, you thought of Ke$ha, the wild, fun time party girl who used hard liquor to brush her teeth. But times have changed, and we can honestly say that Kesha is now probably one of the most beautiful ladies out there, outside and, this is the great big one, in.

Her face is just stunning, obviously -- that skin, those freckles, come on now -- but just look at her eyes. Doesn't she look so peaceful? Doesn't this photo make you feel just a little bit better by just looking at it? That's some power right there, friends. And some mighty intense loveliness.

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