The Very Last Thing Taylor Swift Needs Right Now is Man-Recycling

8/21/2014 9:30 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
The worst relationship news you could hear today -- besides the idea of Chris Brown reproducing with someone, anyone -- would be Taylor Swift reconciling with her nastiest ex (by far), John Mayer, right? Because yes, it would be terrible, but according to the photo agency who captured these pictures, these two came out of Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood last night. 

Despite the evidence that they were in separate cars, can you imagine knowing-everything Taylor Swift ever spending any amount of time under the roof with an ex if it weren't intentional? No, Taylor just doesn't seem to roll like that -- Taylor is well-versed and great at plotting her very next moves, and if these two were in the same building together, there's a really good chance that they were having some kind of friendly dinner. Or something. And you know that John Mayer just isn't the dude that you're "just friends" with. 

Taylor, be wary, OK? Recycling exes is a generally dumb thing to do, but especially when it's John Mayer, Douchelord of the Music Scene. 

Shake it off, girl -- shake it off. 

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