LeAnn Rimes Could Be Pregnant Any Day Now, Let That Soak in a Minute

8/22/2014 5:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
"LeAnn & Eddie" has sunk to a new low -- a woman running amok to get pregnant because she fears the fertile crescent is drying up, and a man who takes his dog to be treated for depressive episodes, then attempting to try the same treatment techniques on his wife. Is there a stranger, more outwardly incompatible couple in Hollywood? Probably not, folks. It's pretty doubtful. 

In the recent airing, LeAnn Rimes discusses possible fertility issues with her mother, who suffered them herself while trying to conceive LeAnn. LeAnn naturally gets freaked out, goes for fertility testing and DNA swabbing, and finds out that her levels are abnormally low for someone her age. This drives LeAnn to a near frenzy, haranguing husband Eddie Cibrian to get knocked up ASAP: "I could get pregnant in a month [if I stop taking my birth control pills]," she cries.

Eddie, who doesn't seem to be ready for this -- and, in fact, outwardly says that he's not -- finally gives in after forcing LeAnn to grovel and plead her case about being a mother. Eddie says, "I mean is there ever a perfect time? I know I do want to have a child with LeAnn and if this is a decision we have to make right now because of her fertility then I say we should just do it." 

"Is there ever a perfect time?" Well, yeah, Eddie -- when you're both pretty sold on the idea that you want to make a serious commitment by bringing another life into the world that you have to take care of and love and nurture and generally pay more attention to than you do your hair and your dimples, then yes ... when you really want it, that whole blanket area is considered the "perfect time."

Toward the end of the episode, Eddie thought it'd be a great idea to try out some of the techniques he learned in treating his dog's depression on -- you guessed it -- LeAnn herself. Isn't that sweet?

From one sad dog to another ... this just won't end well.  

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