Love It or Leave It: Tara Reid Has Finally Hit a Home Run

8/22/2014 11:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
And to think it was the "Sharknado" franchise that put her on the map for Serious Acting, and not any of that "American Pie" business. 

Also, this is the best that Tara Reid's looked in a really long time. She's pretty much waffled between slender and super slender, but she's on the higher end of the spectrum, and her body looks almost completely natural despite all of the plastic surgery horrors she's endured over the years. Her skin is beautiful and quite literally glowing, and she -- above all -- looks happy and healthy. 

Verdict: Love it! Dare we say that "Sharknado" finally made us fall in love with Tara Reid? Could that be what happened here?

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