Wilmer Valderrama Is STILL Creeping All Over Demi Lovato

8/22/2014 9:00 AM PDT, by
Look at that picture, friends, that unsettling, disappointing photo of the creeper of all creepers, Wilmer Valderrama, and the supremely adorable Demi Lovato. But don't look too hard, because you might start to grow douchiness in your heart or get possessed or burned by Wilmer's powerful sketchiness -- really, anything could happen. But the point is that Wilmer posted this photo and, along with it, he shared a little message:

Wishing you happy birthday would never come close to all the inspiring things I wish for your life.. We laugh our asses off.. While we do all we can to better everything around us.. Love you through all.

If it were possible, the rest of this post would just say "ugh" over and over, literally a zillion times, but that seems a little bit excessive, so just imagine that's what happened, OK? And then imagine your friends at Fishwrapper running around, crying, weeping, really, at the total sadness that is this, Wilmer Valderrama's insistence of creeping all over poor, poor Demi Lovato. That's how devastating this is.

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