Henry Rollins is Sorry -- a Sorry Excuse for a Person With a Heart

8/25/2014 10:00 AM PDT, by Sarah Taylor
Henry Rollins is backtracking on hateful, hurtful comments he made earlier in the week about Robin Williams' suicide -- and it's all a bunch of BS damage control designed to encourage people to pity Henry and deflect the deserved criticism he's receiving. 

To L.A. Weekly, Rollins issued a "formal" apology. Here's a summary of what he said: 

"... I cannot defend the views I expressed. ... Like a lot of people, I have battled depression all my life. It’s nothing special, in that it’s too common to be considered unique. ... There have been some truly awful stretches, as I am sure there have been for anyone who deals with depression, that have at times rendered me almost paralytic. Hours pass and I slow-cook on a cold spit. I have likened it to being a peach in a can of syrup yet fully conscious. ... One of the only things that gives me a breather is music. I medicate with it. What has perhaps kept me from seeing things differently about severe depression is that I am sure I don’t have it.

For decades I have talked to and gotten letters from people who tell me that something I did helped them, or saved them from killing themselves, helped them get clean, stay clean or come out. Never once do I really think that I had anything to do with anyone staying alive, but I get where they’re coming from. All of them are better than I am and it is them I serve." 

... Wait, what? Is he saying that he battles depression so severe that it's debilitating to the point where he can scarcely move, and yet he's "sure" he doesn't have it?And then, in practically the same breath, he uplifts those who he claims to have helped "save," and celebrates them, because that's who he serves?

If at all possible, this "apology" might be just as bad as the Robin Williams attack itself, Henry. How about this -- just shut up and quit talking about things you freely admit to having no concept of, huh?
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